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Personal Identity

Personal IdentityWhat decides about “being” and “not being” of each and every company, is its human potential. The success of the company depends above all on its ability to use this potential.

Find the right person. And offer them the right job.

Our solutions and products have the goal to streamline all the processes in managing and development of human capital:

  • choosing the new employees,
  • assessment of employees’ performance,
  • motivation of not only individuals, but also the whole teams and organizational units within the company,
  • planning of the personal, professional and career growth of the employees,
  • solving the difficult and critical situations,
  • merger and change of the Corporate Culture.

We apply internationally accepted standardized methodics GARUDA containing database of more than 150 000 profiles of managers and non-managers in all sectors and management levels. Our database consists of almost 120 organizations and companies and 6500 profiles of their employees on Slovak and Czech market.

We can successfully and effectively link the personal and corporate / community level in the framework of the LEADERSHIP ACADEMY.