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CI - Corporate Identity

Company with no identity is a company with no character. And who would like to cooperate with a characterless company? Research shows that success of a company consists in an attractive identity, with which the employee is able to identify (Corporate Culture) and which the client trusts (Corporate Image). Therefore, we focus in our researches at key aspects of Corporate Culture and Image.

The actual state of Corporate Culture we map through unique methods:

  • Analysis of Corporate Culture (CC)
  • Vision Management
  • Analysis of Identification Process of Employees (ICIF)
  • Analysis of Motivation and Motivation Maps
  • Analysis of Value Orientation
  • Analysis of Fluctuation
  • Analysis of Internal Client Orientation (I-CRM)

External Image of a company we analyze through perfectly fitted methods:

  • Analysis of External Client Orientation (E-CRM)
  • Analysis of Marketing Communication
  • Analysis of Corporate Personality